We cherish every festival goer's well-being.  Whether you're eating your way through the festival grounds or dancing like nobody's watching, make sure to follow these health and safety tips:  


  • DON'T wave your valuables in the air like you just don't care.  Better yet, leave them at home. 
  • DO keep aware of your surroundings.  If you see something, say something!  Look for a member of our safety team and let us know ASAP!
  • DO remember that Sinulog Weekend can be quite drizzly--be prepared for the rain.  RAIN OR SHINE the show must go on!
  • DON'T forget to drink water.  One way to spoil the fun is to forget to take care of yourself.  DON'T forget that it may not be hot out, but your body is still thirsting for water. 
  • DO keep an eye out for your friends and get them help if you think they need it. DON'T be afraid to talk to our medical team, anything you tell them is confidential. 



Everybody entering the festival grounds is subject to search.  Our primary goal is to create a safe and secure environment for all festival attendees. To ensure this, there will be on-site security provided by local PNP and peer security companies.  



AMRO will be on-site to help you with any type of medical problem.  Head to the nearest medical tent or look for a festival staff member if you need assistance.